Miia Ojala

You have control of your destiny, you just need to find your way and Art Therapy can help you.

I work together with groups and individuals as a Solution Focused Art© Therapy Coach. Sessions are suitable for people who are willing to have a new dialog, exploring new paths and expressions through art and creativity.

Art Therapy is an approach to mental well- being that can be accessed by anyone of any age, background or ability.
It can be beneficial to help you achieve clarity in addressing simple challenges in life or to overcome difficulties.

Art in therapy helps us express ourselves beyond words.

There is a unique power in this non-verbal approach. Art is a tool, but we don’t analyse it, so you don’t have to have any previous art knowledge. It’s a fun and relaxing method.

If you are open to use your creativity and believe that you would benefit from an opportunity for self- expression, shared experiences and reflections, then Art therapy might be for you. In turn, this can help you have further insight and understanding and you’ll experience a positive life change.

Let’s focus on the solution not the problem.

There’s a new Journey awaiting for you.
BASAM BOOKS publishes the TRUE WISDOM™  coaching cards in October 2018.
The deck includes seven different training card themes, inspiring art projects, and meditation exercises for further support. The book gives you all you need to know, so you can plan your personal training – the training period can last several weeks or months. You can use the cards by yourself or together with a partner or friends.